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This Simple Wall Workout Will Sculpt Your Body In No Time

You want to have the body of your dreams, but you don’t have the time to go to the gym every day. Well, don’t worry, here is an easy workout for you that will help you tone and strengthen your body. All you need is a wall to start melting all that extra fat.

The wall workout consists of three simple moves. Do these exercises at least 3 times a week and you will notice the results very quickly. You can exercise whenever and wherever you want. Make sure to warm-up before start working out and don’t forget to stretch once you are finished.

The Wall Workouts:

Sit and sculpt

  • Lean on your back on the wall and bend your knees slightly.
  • Start going up and down like it’s shown in the picture above.
  • Do this exercise for about a minute.

Legs up to the wall

  • Lie on your back and put your legs on the wall with bent knees.
  • Start pushing your legs up, then return to the starting position.
  • Do this exercise for about a minute.


  • Start in a push-up position but with your legs on the floor as shown in the picture.
  • Then, bring your left leg towards your chest.
  • Repeat with your right leg.
  • Do this exercise for about a minute.

Arm-flab fighters

  • Start with an upright push-up position against your wall.
  • Start doing pushups for about a minute.

Booty bridges

  • Lie on your back with one leg straight up and with another on the wall with a bent knee.
  • Start lifting your butt off the floor.
  • Do this exercise for about a minute.

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